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Woodbury, New Jersey Foundation Repair

As a Woodbury, NJ property owner, problems with your homes foundations are likely the last thing which you want to think about. There is almost no form of home maintenance more costly than a full property foundation replacement and a lot of homeowners simply can’t afford to go in that direction.

However, full foundation replacement isn’t always necessary. At EnviroPro Basements LLC, we can effectively repair foundations provided that problems are attended to sooner rather than later.

CarbonArmor® The Leading Carbon Fiber Wall Strengthening Systems

It might sound too good to be true but with a tensile strength ten times that of conventional steel beams, carbon fiber armor can make buckling, bulging and worsening of cracks in basement walls altogether impossible.

CarbonArmor® require very little in the way of installation and installation itself can be accomplished with almost no disruption to your day to day home life.

Force Bracket™ I-Beam Wall Braces

Alternatively, Force Bracket™ I-Beam Wall Braces can also be used to strengthen walls and completely prevent basement wall cavement. Adding phenomenal extra structural support to your property, Force Bracket™ I-Beam Wall Braces are secured to your basement floor and floor beams, and work to exert corrective pressure against the pressure of water and soil on your basement walls.

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Regardless of which system might be best used to repair your own property foundation, it’s important to attend to problems as soon as possible. In this case, call or contact EnviroPro Basements LLC today to discuss your options. If you do, we’ll even give you a no-obligation free foundation repair estimate in regard to what solutions might be best for your property.

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