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Mount Holly, New Jersey Foundation Repair

If you're based in Mount Holly, New Jersey and have reason to believe that your home's foundation might have been compromised, the first thing which you need to do is call or contact EnviroPro Basements LLC so that one of our structural experts can assess the precise level of damage.

EnviroPro Basements LLC is Mount Holly New Jersey’s leading provider of extensive foundation repair services. We know that your home is likely you and your families most significant financial asset. This being the case, we pride ourselves on being able to help secure your home structurally for you and your families future.

Why you Might be in Need of our Foundation Repair Services

After such a consultation, many Mount Holly homeowners are often relieved to discover that cracking and bulging basement walls aren’t necessarily a sign that their property is in need of full foundation replacement. Instead, at EnviroPro Basements LLC, we specialize in strengthening and even completely re-straightening basement walls via employment of leading Force Bracket™ I-Beam Wall Braces and specialized CarbonArmor® carbon fiber wall strengthening systems.

Force Bracket™ I-Beam Wall Braces

Whether caused by homes settling over time, damp, or a variety of other problems, the main reason why foundation walls start to buckle and bulge inwardly is due to pressure building up in the earth behind problem areas. With Force Bracket™ I-Beam Wall Braces, we, therefore, help equalize this pressure by securing steal beams against bulging walls which themselves draw support from braces which secure beams themselves to basement floors and ground floor beams.

In fact, by using Force Bracket™ I-Beam Wall Braces, it is even possible to completely re-straighten bulging basement walls, something which results in a huge sense of relief for many Mount Holly homeowners.

CarbonArmor™ Wall Reinforcing System

CarbonArmor® Carbon Fiber System

Of course, your main concern might regard cracks and particularly step cracks which are appearing in your homes foundation. However, these too can be effectively prevented from worsening or giving rise to weakened and bulging areas through implementation of CarbonArmor®.

With a strength ten times that of conventional steel support systems, CarbonArmor® is increasingly being used to ensure fast, hassle-free and more importantly permanent foundation repair.

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However your property foundations might be being weakened, it’s important to act sooner rather than later in order to prevent damage from worsening. In this case, call or contact EnviroPro Basements LLC today to inquire about what approach might be best suited to your Mount Holly property.

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