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Woodbury, New Jersey Basement Waterproofing

Because our basements are underground, they are constantly at the mercy of ground-based moisture which by nature will always seek the path of least resistance into a property. To make matters worse, concrete itself is porous and so every basement will likely suffer damp at some point.

At EnviroPro Basements LLC, we have several years of experience helping Woodbury, New Jersey residents effectively secure their basements from outside water. Whether you have previously been the victim of flooding during heavy rainfall or are simply worried about how untreated damp might be affecting your property structurally, we have a range of solutions which are guaranteed to keep damp at bay permanently.

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TrenchDrain™ & WaterGuard® Systems

The first step is to start effectively diverting excess moisture to a central point as soon as it enters your property. Trench drains are perfect in this regard as if you have water entering from door and access areas, a trench drain will effectively capture this before it has chance to enter your basement fully.

In like manner, WaterGuard® systems use wall and floor joint drains which effectively capture water as it enters these areas before directing moisture to a central sump. By far the best basement waterproofing solution presently available, WaterGuard® systems then rely on either a SuperSump® pump or battery back up pump (which will still run automatically during power outages) to remove water from basements as soon as it reaches a certain level in your basement sump area.

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Of course, for particularly wet areas we can also install TripleSafe™ pump systems which are guaranteed to handle any amount of water and come complete with dedicated battery backup systems. However, the system you choose to install will in every case be dependent on your particular property. In this case, call or contact EnviroPro today to discuss your situation and we will provide you with a no-obligation free estimate in regard to what kind of system might best serve you and your families needs.