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Basement Waterproofing in Moorestown, NJ

Does your basement always seem damp and are you starting to worry about how that wet basement might be affecting your home structurally?

Moorestown in New Jersey receives an average of 46 inches of rain each year. However, periods of high precipitation aren’t the only cause of damp and seeping basements. Rather, melting snow during winter, increasingly turbulent storms and even the height of local water tables can all contribute toward moisture compromised, and even completely flooded basements.

The Best Ways of Waterproofing Your Moorestown Property Basement

When homes and properties are first constructed, damp coursing and waterproofing seals are applied to basement areas in order to prevent moisture from entering and compromising such areas. The only problem? Concrete itself is porous and over time, ground-based moisture will find the path of least resistance into your basement.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Patented in 1994, WaterGuard® systems provide permanent basement waterproofing solutions for all kinds of properties.

Using patented and visually inconspicuous wall and flooring drainage channels, WaterGuard® french drain system work by directing wall and flooring moisture to a central sump area in basements. From this sealed sump area, water is then pumped out and away from basements prior to any amount of moisture being able to collect in any other area.

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Key Benefits

At EnviroPro Basements LLC, we always recommend having a WaterGuard® system installed to combat damp. The reason being that once it is installed the system works to protect your property 24/7 365 days a year without compromise. In doing so, your home is protected from things like mold and fungus outbreaks and you are completely protected from any threat of flooding.

Added Safety

However, at At EnviroPro Basements LLC, we go even further to help Moorestown homeowners reclaim their basements from seepage. Our comprehensive waterproofing solutions include the installation of trench drains and TripleSafe pump systems which can function during power outages and even periods of heavy flooding. This being the case, if you’re in Moorestown and want to prevent a damp basement, make sure to contact EnviroPro Basements LLC today for your free estimate.

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Basement Waterproofing in Moorestown, NJ
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